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Hello, fans, authors, publishers, and narrators,


After much consideration, we have decided to cancel the Independent Audiobook Awards for the foreseeable future. We know a lot of you will be disappointed by this news and for that, we sincerely apologize. 

Since Jeff and Heather just got married in November 2022 and Scott and Suzanne are getting married in December of 2023, we've decided that delaying the IAAs until we can do the job right is in the best interest of the awards and audiobook community at large. We don't know when the IAAs will return, so we encourage you to continue celebrating the spirit of independent audiobooks by entering your titles in the VoiceArts Awards and the Audies. Give the big-name publishers a run for their money and show the rest of the world the voice of the independent audiobook community!

Thank you all for your support over the years and thank you for supporting independent audiobooks!

(Although we're not putting on the show, if someone else would like to do so to keep it going in the interim, I am happy to license the trademark for the IAAs on a year-to-year basis. Please email with serious inquiries.)

Missed the ceremony? You can still watch it at the link below!

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The Independent Audiobook Awards honors the best in independent audiobook production and performance.

A proud part of

the HEAR Now Festival


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Jeffrey Kafer

Sponsorship, Graphic Design

Lauri Jo Daniels

Judging Coordinator, Graphic Design, Web Design

Past Leadership

Lauri Jo Daniels, Assistant Producer (2019-2020)

Joe Hempel, Co-Chair (2019-2020)

Jamie Walsh, Producer (2019)

Sue Zizza, President, Hear Now Festival 

     Eligibility of IAA Staff to Enter     

The Independent Audiobook Awards is dedicated to preventing any conflict of interest throughout the judging process. Because our coordinators are all part of the audiobook industry, we have agreed upon certain rules concerning our own involvement.

The judging process, which includes coordination of judges, providing scorecards to judges, and tallying final scores, is not accessible by any IAA personnel aside from the judging coordinator and an assistant. Access to the names of our judges and their scores is also restricted. For this reason the judging coordinator and assistant are prohibited from submitting titles of their own, with an exception of books that are narrated by more than one person. In that case the coordinator cannot submit the title themselves and will make their best effort not to be too involved in the judging of that category. Other staff not involved in the award process, including IAA and HearNow leadership, may be nominated for any IAA award.

The final scores and names of judges will remain restricted to others, however the very nature of an award ceremony makes it necessary for the names of finalists and winners to be available to IAA personnel before they are announced publicly. 

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