Approved Publishers 

 Important Announcement 

Due to much confusion about what an audiobook publisher is, as well as some issues with people accidentally altering the application form, we are temporarily putting a hold on publisher approval applications. 

If your title is self-published* or your publisher is not listed on the form, please wait until the we re-publish the applcation to submit your title. Don't worry - we will have everything back up shortly and you will have plenty of time to enter before the deadline.

* If you aren't sure if your book can be entered as a self-published title please take a look at the FAQs below.

The following publishers are eligible to enter titles for the 2021 Independent Audiobook Awards:

This list is subject to change as publishers grow and become ineligible or new publishers are approved.

Please note that the “Publisher” field is meant for the name of the audiobook publishing company that produced the title, not the print publisher. 

There is no need to fill out this form if the book was self-published (ACX, Findaway, Spoken Realms, Author's Republic, etc…)

Aboon Books

Aethon Books

Amber Cove Publishing

Amphorae Publishing Group, LLC

Andrews McMeel

AudioComics/Pocket Universe Productions

Beacon Press

Black Hills Audiobooks

Black Spot Books

Blackberry Publishing Group

Blue Heron Audio

Blue Nose Audio

Blunder Woman Productions

Boycott Books, LLC

Breakneck Media

Carpe Luna Publishing

Chelsea Green Publishing

Cherry Hill Publishing, LLC

Crossroad Press

Decent Fellows Press

Echo Point Books & Media, LLC

Evolved Publishing LLC

Fireside Theater

Flip City Media

Forever Homes Publishing

Green Writer Press

Hard Chew

High Gravity

Huntson Press

Jewel Audiobooks

Lepton Films LLC

Lyric Audiobooks

Magpie Ink

Mischievous Books

Mountaindale Press

Muddy Boots Press

New Harbinger Publications, Inc.

Pelican Book Group (Pelican Ventures, LLC)

Permuted Press

Piece of Cake Audiobooks

Pink Flamingo Productions

Pitchstone Publishers

Podium Audio

Raconteurs Audio LLP

Regiment Publishing

Riptide Publishing

Severn River Publishing

Shadow Alley Press

Shadow Alley Press Inc

Snow Dog Audio

Soundbooth Theater

Southern Fried Karma, LLC

Spectrum Audiobooks

Sue Media

The Audio Flow

The Parliament House

The Talking Book

Two Words Publishing

Valancourt Books

Vibrance Press

Vision Audiobooks

WildBlue Press

WordFire Press

Ylva Publishing

Zertex Media Ltd.

We are still compiling our list and checking for errors that may have occurred during last year's submissions that may affect this list. You patience is greatly appreciated. 


 Approved Publisher  FAQ  

What if I don't see the name of my publisher in the dropdown list on the submission form?

First, check the title's listing on Audible to verify who is listed as the audio publisher. (This will be the second copyright listed: e.g. ©2020 John Grisham (P)2020 Random House Audio)

If the author or narrator are listed as the audio rights holder on Audible we consider the title to be self-published and you will enter "N/A" for the publisher.


The narrator or author used a distributor to publish this title. Why don't I see them listed? 


Distributors, such as ACX, Author's Republic, Findaway, Spoken Realms, or similar, are not publishing companies. If the title was self-published using a distributor it is considered "self-published" and you will choose "N/A" from the dropdown. 


What if I don't see my publisher on the approved list? 


If the audio publisher isn't listed please have the publisher fill out an approval form. (The form is temporarily disabled, but will be back and listed at the top of this page soon)

**Please Note** 

This is only for audio publishers, not the print publisher. If you are unsure about whether or not your print publisher also produced the audio title you can check your Audible listing to see who has the production copyright.​ (This will be the second copyright listed: e.g. ©2020 John Grisham (P)2020 Random House Audio)

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