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 2020 Entry Form 

To read or download the full Guidelines, Definitions, and Judging Criteria click the boxes . 

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Check back October 2020 to enter the

2021 Independent Audiobook Awards

The INDEPENDENT AUDIOBOOK AWARDS was created to be a celebration of AUDIOBOOKS. As, such we cannot accept submissions for podcasts or other forms of serialized content. To qualify, your production must be available as a single title on any of the major AUDIOBOOK platforms such as,, Hooplah, or OverDrive.

Please read the entry guidelines and the category definitions (click above) before completing this form. 

2020 Independent Audiobook Award Entry Guidelines

The Independent Audiobook Awards was established to honor indie authors and narrators and small publishers. In an effort to remain true to our purpose we have established a few entry guidelines. 

  1. To qualify for entry you and/or your company must have produced/published fewer than 400 titles in the calendar year of 2019.

  2. Entry submissions will be open from 9:00am (CST) 10/15/2019 until Midnight (CST) 1/15/2020.

  3. Entries will be accepted from the author, narrator, or publisher of the title. Entrants may not submit the same title separately.

  4. Titles must have a 2019 release date to be eligible.

  5. The entry fee is $30 for each submission.

  6. Each title may only be entered in ONE category.

  7. Each entrant may only submit a total of 25 titles and may only submit 5 titles per category.  

  8. Titles must match the description of their entry category or be listed on Audible under the genre category entered. Titles submitted to the wrong category may be disqualified.

  9. Entrants will be required to submit a 20 minute sample of their title. (See Judging Process Document)

    • Finalists will be notified by 3/30/2020 through the email provided.

    • Finalists will be required to submit a high resolution image of the title’s cover and a release allowing a clip to be aired at the ceremony (which will be provided in the notification email) which must be returned by 4/15/2020.

  10. To avoid any conflict of interest any title that is narrated, co-narrated, or produced by any Independent Audiobook Awards Committee Member is ineligible for entry*. 

    • This includes titles by Jeffrey Kafer, Joe Hempel, Lauri Jo Daniels, SueMedia Productions, Jamie Walsh, or any other persons/companies who will have a hand in the planning and production of The Independent Audiobook Awards. 

    • *Anthologies that include narration from, but are not produced by, one of the above listed are exempt from this rule*. 

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